Grievance Policy & Procedure


The purpose of this policy is to provide direction to staff when a resident requests an investigation of a possible violation of their rights or has a Grievance while attending Ignite Sober Living, LLC


This policy applies to all employees of Ignite Sober Living, LLC


It is the responsibility of the Housing Director to implement this policy and procedure and to disseminate this information to each employee under his/her direction.


It is the policy of Ignite Sober Living, LLC to provide a confidential non-threatening mechanism for receiving and processing requests for an investigation of a possible infringement of resident rights and/or any other type of resident grievance. A resident Grievance Team shall be available to residents who have not been successful in resolving complaints, to their satisfaction, through counseling and mediation with the responsible person(s).


  1. GrievanceProcedure:

Any person(s) who believes that their rights have been violated or has a complaint or grievance may file a complaint pursuant to the procedures set forth below, on their behalf, or on the behalf of another person. All persons are encouraged to file a grievance. By filing a complaint, the individual will not subject themselves to any form of adverse action, reprimand, retaliation, or otherwise negative treatment by Ignite Sober Living, LLC Residents shall have immediate access to the Grievance form; a posting of the Grievance Procedure will be in the Resident handbook.

  1. Grievances and complaints processing procedures are as follows:
    1. Residents are encouraged to discuss any problems with the Housing Director. The Resident and Housing Director will try to find a resolution. The Housing Director will correspond with the Owner on the Grievance and/or compliant and any resolution.
    2. All grievances shall first be filed with the Housing Director by completing a “Resident Grievance” form. The Housing Director will conduct an internal investigation and render an initial determination and resolution within 2 days of receipt of the complaint in writing.
    3. If the complainant is not satisfied or if the complaint is not resolved with the results achieved in Step 2, the complainant may file an appeal and/or the grievance shall be forwarded to the Housing Director and this meeting shall be held within two working days of the date it is requested.
    4. The Resident shall be presented a resolution and response to their grievance in writing.
    5. In the event that a resident does not feel a resolution has been reached they may contact DCF, and/or FARR.
  2. The Housing Director shall take steps to ensure an appropriate investigation of each complaint to determine its validity. These rules call for informal, but thorough, investigations, affording all interested persons and their representatives, if any, an opportunity to submit evidence relevant to the complaint.
  3. If the resident is dissatisfied at any point, the resident has the right to voice complaints, questions or concerns about service, treatment, procedures, rights, and policies, by contacting the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) and the Florida Department of Children and Families through the state of Florida Abuse Hotline.


(561) 299-0405

Florida Department of Children and Families


  Department of Children & Family Services (561) 650- 6860. 

All residents will be afforded the opportunity to contact FARR and/or DCF. This Policy and Procedure as well as FARR/DCF contact information shall be posted in a conspicuous location in each residence. 

  1. Any allegations of physical or sexual abuse by a staff member shall immediately be brought to the attention of the Housing Director. In the event that a staff member witnesses any type of physical or sexual abuse they shall immediately notify the police and then the Housing Director. The resident will be afforded the opportunity to contact the Abuse Hot Line and Department of Children and Families. The telephone number of the hot line is posted on the board for each house.
  2. Additionally, Ignite Sober Living, LLC shall:
    1. Have the prominent posting of notices informing residents of the grievance system;
    2. Ensure that residents and staff have access to Grievance submission forms;
    3. Provide education of staff in the importance of the grievance system and resident rights;
    4. Have specific levels of appeal with corresponding time frames for resolution;
    5. Have timely receipt of a filed Grievance;
    6. Have a logging and tracking of filed Grievances until resolved or concluded by actions of the provider’s Governing Body;
    7. Have a written notification of the decision to the appellant; and
    8. Have analysis of trends to identify opportunities for improvement.
    9. Providing Information to Affected Parties. Notification to all parties of these rights shall include affirmation of an organizational non-relationship policy that protects a party’s right to file a grievance or express their opinion and invokes applicability of state and federal protections.
    10. Ignite Sober Living, LLC shall post the number of the abuse hotline, the local Florida Advocacy Council, and the district Alcohol, Drug Abuse in a conspicuous place within each house and provide a copy to each resident.

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