We understand that beginning recovery can come with an array of challenges from finding the right program to arranging payment. Our admissions team is experienced in navigating the various factors that families and individuals face during this time and we are here to help. Let’s make the drug and alcohol rehab admissions process as easy as possible. Call our helpline now!

Admissions Process

1. Call Our Admissions Helpline

2. Complete an Insurance Verification & Inital Assessment

3. Begin Recovery Program

Paying for Rehab

Our team can help you review your options when it comes to paying for your recovery journey. If you have healthcare insurance, your plan likely provides benefits that will cover part or all of your treatment. Complete our insurance verification form to find out if you are covered.

Ignite The Process

It all starts with a single action. If you or your loved one is in need of addiction treatment help, complete our insurance verification or call our 24/7 helping to connect with an admissions specialist. This one move could be the start of a new, better life.

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